SurgiMac Dental Mirrors - Front Surface - Stainless-Steel – 12Pcs/Box *All sizes available*

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Size: 3
Type: Cone Socket
Material: Front Surface
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SurgiMac Dental Mirrors - Rhodium-Coated Front Surface Diagnostic Dental Mouth Mirror - Dental Mirror for Inside Mouth - Stainless-Steel Cone Socket Oral Mirror – 12Pcs/Box

*All sizes available*

  • SurgiMac's mirror are designed for examining the oral cavity.
  • If you have ever wanted to see clearer and brighter images, SurgiMac's Mirrors are what you have been looking for!
  • Rhodium mouth mirrors feature high quality rhodium coating that is resistant to scratching.
  • High quality stainless steel
  • All hand instruments are skillfully created, precise and durable.


Rhodium coated dental mirrors surpass common stainless steel and chromium mirrors because they are high-quality reflective mirrors with brightest images. Maximum image quality and great reflectivity rhodium mouth mirrors make them first priority for dentists and orthodontics.

SurgiMac, in keeping up with real trends, has brought this 12-pack rhodium-coated front surface mirror with dental-grade stainless steel cone socket and handle to ensure these instruments stand better against real world wear and tear and abrasion. Front surface for sharp, clear, and distortion free image.

Rhodium-coated oral mirrors are highly reliable for creating intraoral images with highest reflectivity and high-level surface ruggedness for real-world dentistry applications

Rhodium dental front mirrors are used in the field to obtain clear, bright, and precise image of intraoral parts to better tackle the soft tissue and perform the procedure. SurgiMac rhodium dental explorer mirror is scratch-resistant and remains fog free providing no hindrance at all.

Rhodium being a corrosion-resistant metal is not easily affected by chemicals, acids, disinfectants, and physical wear and tear. Fully capable of withstanding highly reactive chemicals and sterilization process.

With its super-reflective and better image quality this rhodium mouth mirror significantly reduces eye strain and fatigue.

Dental grade stainless steel cone socket and handle is 100% corrosion and tarnish resistant making the instrument last long. Professional dental tools mirror is ideal for examining front surface of oral cavity, lower jaw, indirect vision of mouth, reflecting onto surface, retracting and protecting soft mouth tissues.

You can use these dental photo mirrors to examine your teeth and molars to keep up your dental hygiene.

Rhodium Coated Scratch-Resistant Dental Mirrors – SurgiMac is presenting the finest-quality and affordable 12 pcs dental mirrors for teeth examination with front surface rhodium coating and scratch-resistant surface to ensure distortion free sharp images. Rhodium coated dental photography mirror is the best instrument to visualize intraoral tissues with great precision.

Anti-Fogging Surface with More Brightness – What makes SurgiMac’s intraoral dental mirrors special is their fog-free surface so you will not be faced with any hindrance during work. Rhodium coating ensures brighter and shinier mirror for through examination of teeth & gums.

Resistant to All Disinfectant Products – Rhodium is rare and precious metal with great resistant against disinfectants, acids, and chemicals used during dentistry examinations. Rhodium-coated mouth mirror dental is corrosion-resistant, provides ideal reflectivity of light to capture high-quality image required by orthodontic professional.

Dental-Grade Stainless Steel Handle – The cone socket and handle are precisely manufactured using highest-quality dental-grade stainless steel material for better protection again corrosive and tarnishing chemicals in dental preparations. Each dental mouth mirror instrument is skillfully created, precise, and durable.

Wide Range of Uses in Dentistry - These rhodium-coated tooth mirrors produce sharpest and brightest image reducing fatigue and eye strain considerably. The dentist mirror for inside mouth is an essential for dentists and orthodontic for indirectly visualizing mouth, redirecting light onto desired surface, and retracting soft tissues. A layman can use these mirrors to inspect their dental hygiene on their own.

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