Dental Morrel Crowns Bridges Remover Set

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Morrell Crown Remover: Stainless Steel
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SurgiMac's Dental Morrel Crowns Bridges Remover Set Includes:

  • Morrel Crown Remover Handle Length: 16cm, Weight: 3.43 oz.
  • Set of 3 Standard Attachable Tips Length: 6.5cm.
  • Locking Jack/Wrench Length 4cm. Dental Morrel Crowns Bridges Remover Kit with Hook-tip attachments. Automatic Crown Remover 3 Tips Dental Orthodontic Crown Removing Instruments/Dental Instruments Orthodontic implant. Crown remover Can be used for the removal of Permanent and temporary crowns and bridges. Usage Left Hand / Right Hand, Reusable.

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