Septodont R.T.R. RTR+ 40/60 Biphasic Bone Grafting Material

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R.T.R. RTR+ 40/60 Biphasic Bone Grafting Material, 0.5cc Syringe


  • RTR+ is a bone graft material intended to be used to reconstruct bony loss or bone gaps in maxillofacial applications:
  • following tooth extractions
  • following intrabony/periodontal/peri-implants defects
  • ridge augmentations
  • sinus lifts
  • cystic cavity fillings

Features & benefits

  • Ideal osteogenic matrix: designed through a special manufacturing process
  • Fully synthetic
  • Sterile and Fully resorbable. Hydroxyapatite & ß-Tricalcium phosphate are both fully resorbable
  • This micro & macroporous structure mimics human bone
  • Offers a high success rate with no risk of disease associated
  • Will gradually generate new natural bone
  • Biphasic formulations associating the very bioactive ß-Tricalcium Phosphate and the stable Hydroxyapatite that allows resorption at the right pace which leads in the creation of a new strong and qualitative bone.
  • Two formulations available allowing you to manage the pace of your bone grafting procedures
  • A proprietary micro and macroporous structure setting for an appropriate scaffold and allowing cellular colonization
  • Bioactive and osteoconductive material providing a matrix for new bone growth


  • Item #01S0540 – R.T.R.+ 40/60 (40% β-Tricalcium Phosphate / 60% Hydroxyapatite) - One 0.5cc syringe

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