Dryz Blu Retraction Paste (Syringe)

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Dryz is compatible with the most popular retraction techniques which include, Compression Caps, retraction cord, electrosurgery and lasers.

  • Optimized for tissue management when taking impressions, restoring teeth with subgingival decay, seating restorations, placing rubber dam clamps, and bleaching teeth.
  • Quickly stops gingival bleeding and crevicular fluid seepage.
  • Easy clean-up, leaving no residue behind.
  • Set Time: 2 Minutes.
  • Available in two easily detectable contrasting colors.


  • (7) 0.5ml (0.85g) Syringes
  • (15) Applicator Tips

Because maintaining a dry field is critical to restorative success, Dryz can also be used to control hemorrhage and crevicular fluids prior to crown cementations (both temporary and permanent) or the placement of Class II and Class V restorations when the margins extend subgingivally.

Take Control of the Sulcus for Picture Perfect Digital Impressions
When your prep is flawless, you want your digital scanner to easily capture every detail. Parkell’s Dryz soft-tissue management paste helps you do that. This easy-to-use material fits comfortably into the workflow of every digital dentist, providing that extra push for clearing the field of unwanted obstacles, so you can quickly obtain an accurate and complete digital impression every time.


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