Extraction Forceps (set of #150 and #151)

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Extraction Forceps (set of #150 and #151): Stainless Steel
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SurgiMac Forceps have parallel grasp on the neck of the tooth and deep reach in the alveolar region which provides a secure hold for the extraction of the tooth. All Atraumair forceps feature a matte finish for enhanced contrast and reduced light reflection. Unique hold design help reduce the weight of the forceps and provide an increased comfort and control.

Following are key features of these forceps -
− Unique hold design reduced weight of the forceps, providing increased comfort and control
− Matte finish for enhanced contrast and reduced light reflection
− Enhanced beak geometries and longitudinal beak serrations provides a firm, secure grasp of the crown and root reducing the risk of crushing or fracturing the tooth
− Laser marked hinge for greater visibility when bagged for sterilization
− Surgical Stainless Steel & Completely Serializable

SurgiMac's #150 Universal Surgical Forceps are used for Upper Incisors, Cuspids, Bicuspids while the #151 Universal Extraction Forceps for Lower Incisors, Cuspids, Bicuspids

Molar forceps are used to prevent damage to the dental alveolus and to extract the tooth in the easiest way possible. They are inserted in the interdental space and, through a lifting motion, help loosen the tooth.

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